Objectives of the ELSPAC study

The main objective of the ELSPAC study is to determine which biological, psychological, social, economic, and environmental factors have an impact on pregnancy, birth, adaptation after birth, child development, health of children and adolescents.

The following main factors have been followed so far, based on 74 questionnaires and 6 clinical examinations:

Biological factors:

  • Overall health of the child
  • Overall health of his parents and grandparents
  • Progress of pregnancy and birth
  • Psychomotor development of the infant

Health care factors:

  • Vaccinations and other preventive measures

Psychological factors:

  • Overal psychological condition of the child
  • Overal psychological condition of his parents
  • Risk behaviour in both generations

Social and economic factors:

  • Type of housing, including household equipment
  • Education and career
  • Family lifestyle, including their diet

Environmental factors:

  • Use of chemicals in the household
  • Pets
  • Quality of family environment (noise, dust, humidity, temperature)

More detailed information is available in the section For professionals.