Did you know that...

… ELSPAC is the first-ever study that follows a child’s development from the pregnancy over the entire period of childhood and adolescence to adulthood?

… the study also researches both parents, their personality, behaviour, attitudes and state of health?

… all acquired data is strictly confidential and is never provided either to individuals or institutions?

… data is produced in such a format that individuals and families can never be identified?

… the pilot stage of the ELSPAC study involved not only the Czech Republic, the UK, the Isle of Man, Slovakia, Russia, and the Ukraine, but also Croatia, Estonia, Greece and Spain?

… the study followed up approximately 40,000 children internationally?

… the largest and the most successful study has been running in the UK under the title of ALSPAC?

… more than 200,000 questionnaires were collected in the Czech Republic?

… Professor Jean Golding from the University of Bristol was the international coordinator of the ELSPAC study from its very beginning, and that Assoc. Prof. Lubomir Kukla, M.D., Ph.D. from the Masaryk University took over in 2007?